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Offshore Cooling

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Kasera's long time in the design and manufacture of air cooled heat exchangers means that our highly trained and experienced thermal design engineers are able to offer a bespoke solution to our customers in the design of their induced draft air cooled or forced draft air cooled heat exchangers, both thermally and mechanically.

Kasera Radiator makes use of leading company's computer equipment, including the latest Computer Aided Design systems, to ensure maximum efficiency in:

  • Thermal design
  • Mechanical design of headers and steel structure
  • Preparation of the specification sheet
  • Preparation of the general outline drawings
  • Preparation of proposalse
  • Price estimation
Header of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Kasera Radiator Plug & Cover Plate Header Air Coolers and Heat Exchangers for use in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power generating stations, and fertilizer and gas production plants throughout the world.



The welded bonnet header is used for ammonia condensers freon condensers and vacuum steam condensers. The advantage is the full welded construction suitable for vacuum applications.


The pipe header is the most commonly used header type for working pressures up to 220 bar when no inner access is necessary in condenser, heat exchangers and air coolers. Finned tubes hair pins are assembled with TIG butt weld. The plughole opposite each tube allows the finned tube to be welded to the pipe. The welds are heat treated and X-ray tested.


The plug header is the most commonly used header type for working pressures up to 350 bar in heat exchangers and air coolers. The plughole opposite each tube allows the finned tube to be expanded into the tube sheet. It also facilitates mechanical cleaning and plugging in case of leakage repairs, re-tubing and upgrading. . The welds are heat treated and X-ray tested. For hydrogen service at high pressure, seal welding or strength welding can be provided. This is less expensive than using pipe headers, which are generally employed with a service pressure above 200 bar.


The manifold header is the most commonly used header type for allowable pressures drop is very low. This large manifold ensures an equal distribution of fluid flow in the tubes. The tube sheets are directly welded to the manifold. This type is used for vacuum steam condensers, heat exchangers and refrigeration units. The welds are heat treated and X-ray tested.


The Fin Tube is the core technology of the Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. Kasera's Heat Exchanger are available in a variety of fin tube configurations to suit the needs of the application. Condenser tubes are available in 1 to 2 inch or more diameters in combination with Crimped, Extruded, L Foot, KL Foot, LL Foot, Embedded, Edge, Soldered, Brazed, stamped and Welded fin types.

Re-tubing and Repair of Heat exchangers

Kasera Radiator Re-Tubing and Repair of Tube Bundles for Heat Exchangers. Many repairs including the complete re-tubing of heat exchanger tube bundles, are offered. Our preference is to re-tube/refurbish in our own workshop where the work can be carried out under factory conditions. Where this is not possible on-site repairs can be arranged. We can supply helical high finned tube bundles in either welded finned tube, applied finned tube or extruded finned tube.

Spares and Replacement Parts

Kasera Radiator Supply full range of Spares and Replacement parts for use in Heat Exchangers, Process and Engine Cooler Systems throughout the world. Such as:

  • Bearing Sets and Drive Shafts
  • Fans and Fan Ring Assemblies
  • Fan Louvers
  • Tube Supports
  • Header Plugs
  • Gaskets
  • Process and Engine Cooler Re-Tubing Bundles and Upgrades
  • Fin Fan Upgrade and Replacement Parts
  • Heat Exchanger Spares and Replacement Parts
  • Fan Motors, Drive Gear and Assemblies